Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Breaking In: Episode 2.01- The Contra Club

    Last year, Fox aired Breaking In as a mid-season replacement. However, after just seven episodes, the show was cancelled. Now, almost a year later, the show has joined the ranks of the shows that have been "Uncanceled". It returned with it's second season premiere last night. So, how did the show's second chance fair?

    I was a fan of the now hard to find first season of the show. I thought the cast was great, the humor was there and there was a lot of potential. I was sad to see the show seemingly go and excited when I learned that it would in fact return. However, for the first episode back, it kinda missed the mark. But understandably so. The show has the daunting task of having to relaunch an entire 7-episode run in just one half-hour. It was a funny episode and I'm sure the show will feel less hectic in the coming weeks, but this episode did feel like it was rushing to get the full plot in. Not bad, but hopefully will get better.

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