Monday, April 2, 2012

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Week 26 + Site News

Site News: As much as I like blogging about TV, after nearly two months with Television Won, it's clear it's not catching on as much as its sister blog, Cinema Won and the number of post have been slowly drying up. So, I just thought I would say, I am keeping the site running and will post when a feel I should, HOWEVER, this might mean there would be one post one week and then nothing for three weeks.

Once Upon a Time- "Hat Trick"- 5 out of 6
Alcatraz- "Garrett Stillman"- 5 out of 6
Alcatraz- "Tommy Madsen"- 5 out of 6
Castle- "47 Seconds"- 5 out of 6
Raising Hope- "Hogging All the Glory"- 5 out of 6
New Girl- "Fancyman: Part 2"- 3 out of 6
Breaking In- "Game of Jones"- 5 out of 6
Psych- "Autopsy Turvy"- 6 out of 6 (One of the show's best)
The Big Bang Theory- "The Transporter Malfunction"- 4 out of 6
Touch- "Safety in Numbers"- 5 out of 6
The Mentalist- "Pink Champagne on Ice"- 6 out of 6
Supernatural- "Party On, Garth"- 6 out of 6
Grimm- "Island of Dreams"- 4 out of 6

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